Remember the day when going to the mailbox was a pleasure? Next to reading the newspaper, reading mail gave a means of being connected. In particular, getting a card or letter from someone made the day really special!

When I was a pre-teen, my aged aunt passed away. I remember sitting at her majestic old family home and sorting through boxes and boxes of letters she had saved from correspondence with family and friends. My recollection was that of elegant handwriting, personal messages, and a multitude of various stamps.il_340x270.1320424388_d2di

Reading some of those letters was like reading the diary of both the sender and the recipient. I suppose it was the way of communicating back then. And, expressing your heart in a letter was what one did to get their message across.  I felt as if I were reading a chapter from a novel and wanted to know more. There were letters from her brothers who had served in World War II and who gave their lives for our country. There were also letters from other family members and from persons unknown. I wish I had kept some of those letters.

stock-photo-vintage-statue-of-liberty-stamp-three-cents-in-god-we-trust-965045What I did keep were some of the old stamps. I remember thinking, “That’s cheap!” Stamps on these letters came from various places in the United States and from overseas. I collected the odd stamps I thought were interesting and stored them in a box of old stamps and coins. The least expensive stamp I recall was a three cent stamp. At the time, stamps costs thirteen cents. I thought three cent stamps were ancient history.

Today, stamps are almost history themselves. This isn’t necessarily true. But, with electronic bill pay, many just don’t send mail anymore. I rarely purchase stamps myself. I rarely even mail a post. When I do, often the post office will scan the post electronically and postage is added as such. No stamp needed.2017-us-flag-stamp

As it turns out, stamps are increasing in price. For those who purchase the Forever Stamp, there is nothing to do. Except, that is, to prepare to pay a penny more when purchasing new stamps starting January 21, 2018.

I still like to get a personal card in the mail. Though I am not very good at sending them. Perhaps I should reconsider and think of how receiving personal mail makes others feel.


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