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Congratulations Photography Students


A Global Mosaic

Where will you be on May 2, 2010? Will you have your camera with you? Be a part of a historical world-wide project!

Lens_A NYT Global Mosaic

Age of Canon Lenses

Ever wonder about the age of your Canon DSLR lens? Consider this, the age of the lens and the factory location may denote a particular exquisite quality lens. Or, it may denote a lens with less than perfect features. Knowing how to find the age of your Canon DSLR lens may be beneficial.

Find out more about the age of your Canon lens.

Press This

Tools ‹ True Consideration — WordPress.

Tools ‹ True Consideration — WordPress

Tools ‹ True Consideration — WordPress.


What is there to consider? Lots of things! Let’s consider things together.