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Good people sometimes choose to make decisions that are not ethical.

I always lock my car.

This morning I entered my car to find that someone had been inside of it. The interesting things is, I always lock my car.

In fact, when I exit my car, by habit or by instinct, I check the door by pulling the handle. Always. Although I keep my keys inside my purse, I have on rare occasion left them inside my  car. By checking door handle, I can know whether I need to re-enter my car to retrieve those keys. With that habit established, I can see no possibility that I could have left my car unlocked last night.

Yet, this morning, my car was unlocked, someone had been inside, they rummaged through the console areas, and took several very items very precious and valuable to me.

My belief:

In life, I tend to have an impression that all people are good. And, I believe that to be the case nearly always. Yet, good people sometimes choose to make decisions that are not ethical. In these cases, I believe they are dealt with by a higher power.

  • I always lock my car.
  • My car was unlocked this morning and things taken from it.
  • People who practice unethical behavior deserve what they get.

Sure, I will say a prayer for them. They will need it.