Photography Cheat Sheet – By Pixtus

I have long followed the Texas Photo Forum web site as this has been one great resource for photographers in Texas and in particular in the Houston area. A year or so ago, the site changed to as the owner of the site, Able Longoria, merged his efforts in another state and expanded his site nation wide.

The pleasures I find visiting in viewing works by others, submitting my own photos for review periodically, and obtaining information about areas of interest.

Recently, Able posted a Photography Cheat Sheet which I believe to be an excellent resource for those of us who want to improve our photography. Check it out!


Trudy’s Flickr Map

States for which I have photos on my Flickr site.

A Global Mosaic

Where will you be on May 2, 2010? Will you have your camera with you? Be a part of a historical world-wide project!

Lens_A NYT Global Mosaic

Owl Cam

The Starr Ranch owl web cam has been quite entertaining for several months now. The amazing behavior of the mother and father owl during the duration of the winter while nurturing their eggs and now their baby owls is just amazing!

Age of Canon Lenses

Ever wonder about the age of your Canon DSLR lens? Consider this, the age of the lens and the factory location may denote a particular exquisite quality lens. Or, it may denote a lens with less than perfect features. Knowing how to find the age of your Canon DSLR lens may be beneficial.

Find out more about the age of your Canon lens.

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